Friday, November 14, 2008

1 More Night!!

Tomorrow is my wedding day. I am sooooooo excited about it!! I'm nervous but I know it will go really well and we'll be happy no matter what.
We met with Pastor Norm today, he is adorable and I'm really glad that he's marrying us!! He's short, soft spoken and really gentle. He was very excited to be marrying us, and he really put me at ease. He explained exactly how the ceremony will go and it's just how I wanted it. I get to get ready at the church with my mom and then my dad will come get me to walk me down the "aisle" into the garden where Daniel will be waiting.  I can only hope that my mom feels comfortable taking the photos because I really want some good ones of my dad walking me there and giving me away.  I also hope someone gets a good pic of Pastor Norm standing on the boulder that he needs to stand on in order to be closer to our heights!! Daniel questions whether he's sincere but I think he's precious and I just want to squeeze him!!!! Daniel says that as long as he puts me as ease he's happy.
Our drive up the coast on Hwy 1 was really lovely but it took forever because we stopped alot!!!!!! But since we were in no hurry it was okay. In fact we got in a little earlier than we thought so we were early for our appt. with Pastor Norm. 
I'm not quite sure it my in-laws are enjoying their time here- we've been forcing them out of their box, but I'm hoping they go home with fond memories. Today has been a really long day but a nice one. I can't wait for tomorrow to be here and gone just so I can breathe again!
Here's to a fabulous day and please be thinking good thoughts for us tomorrow at 1pm!!!!

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