Thursday, July 26, 2012

La Belle Epoque- 1906

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  1. Maaaaybe my favorite post of yours yet. It makes me feel like you are a kindred spirit, who can see right into my history-nerd heart. Do all women secretly OBSESS over these gorgeous and romantic moments in history? I really hope so. If not, they're totally missing out. Have you seen ? I've spent so many hours on it. This is one of my favorite pages:

    1. This is why we're meant to be friends! We have the same nerdy insides! Genealogy, victorians/Edwardians, gnomes, terrariums, hula hoops, botanical prints, etc... The list kind of goes on! :)

      I love that website you linked! I've been checking it out! Also another great one is The Retroscope on FB. It's fantastic!

    2. Oh!!! I just looked and The Retronaut IS The Retroscope on FB! Great minds think alike once again!!!!