Monday, September 14, 2009

New Moon- I'm sucked in again!

I just watched the trailer for New Moon and I haven't been this excited about a movie for awhile (okay it was the last Harry Potter, but still it doesn't happen that often)....
I was fully immersed and obsessed with Twilight, I read them all, saw the movie and then moved on to another obsession- not looking backBut now...... now New Moon is set to come out in November I'm sucked RIGHT BACK IN!!!!!! Oh..... that one trailer brought me right back.... I think I'm going to have to read the books again (watch out Sarah I might beat your record of 3 time each ;) )
The photo from above is so atmospheric and beautiful- I want it poster size so I can drool over it's beauty and the raw emotion- it's brought me right back to my teenage goth years, it's indulging my Tim Burton-esque fantasies. The clip of this scene is even better- she puts her hand through his face and it slowly disappears into the water- oh it's so beautiful I could cry!!!!!! Watch this: minute 1:08 is the moment
I'm off to be a total dork now and watch clips on YouTube- no better way to spend your day off on
a cloudy day.....


  1. i LOVE it! welcome back to my world. to jeremy's dismay, I have yet to surface from twilight. as i head into my 4th re-read of New Moon, I'm at a loss as to how I'm gonna break up with bella and edward eventually... last night i watched all of the VMAs (which was stupid because not one of my favorite bands would ever be honored at such an event) just to see the New Moon clip and catch a few minutes of live onscreen action from my boyfriend, er, I mean Rob Pattinson. Anyway, i share your love of that underwater scene. and being that New Moon was my favorite of the four (i was right there with bella--rooting on her life threatening antics so I could hear Edward's voice as well!)i can't even verbalize my excitement for November. it's painful.