Tuesday, March 30, 2010

29-Day Giving Challenge

So I joined this site (group really) today called 29- Day Giving Challenge and what better way to spread the word than blog about it. I was browsing another blog (Kiss Me, I'm Vegan! ) and saw her badge, which made me curious as to what this challenge was all about. See my husband and I have been wanting to simplify our lives (which in his case means getting rid of objects we don't need, but in my case this means many things- lose excess weight, manage stress, simplify our finances etc.....) so this concept really appealed to me. I decided to officially join for a few reasons, the big one being if I officially join something then I'll stick to it cuz I'll hold myself accountable.

Basically you can give anything you want- time, money, food, advice, a smile- anything. You're supposed to do it everyday in 29 days, but they're flexible. I may not get it all done in the first 29 days, as some of these "gifts" I want to be really meaningful and not just something simple, so I'm going to have to do some brainstorming. Mom, Dad- you were my first "gift" yesterday and you didn't even know it!! Those yummy chocolate peanut butter treats I made- those were my first gift! Hopefully I didn't also accidently give you the gift of a few pounds too!! Work ladies- you will receive the gift of those little cups of heaven too!!

I just wanted to share this little venture with everyone- maybe you will be inspired to join as well!!

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