Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Day with Friends!!

On Monday I had the good fortune to hang out with my dear friends Maggie and Rudianne. Maggie has recently lost her husband Don to ALS, a tragic and horrible illness. I love hanging out with these girls but it means so much more now.

We started off by having a great lunch at The Custom House with lots and lots of talking and laughing and reminiscing. Then we went for a walk to the post office, took a spin to the candy store (which was so amazing!! I surprised myself by not buying a single thing for myself- but Daniel did get some goodies!!!) and stopped at a coffee shop.

The coffee took forever, but that ended up being a good thing because we got to be girlie girls and look through Maggie's Nordstroms and Saks catalogs! I certainly learned some lessons in how expensive things are from Saks!!! There was a watch in there for $193000!!!!!! Holy Cow!!! But we had so much fun flipping through the pages dreaming about the frivolous things we wanted (like some MAC make-up!!! hee hee!!!!)

I'm even more excited because next week Maggie and I are going to Santa Barbara (with our friend Abby!!) and we're gonna do some retail therapy! My time with Maggie is precious and always has been, so I'm excited to spend a day with her and Abby, having nothing important to do, nowhere we have to be (besides the MAC counter).

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