Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year, A New Me!! (or else!)

I feel like every year it's the same thing- I have a goal to lose weight. Sometimes I succeed and other years I inevitably fail. This is going to be a good year! I know because my attitude has changed. I'm not allowing myself to get discouraged like I would have once before. I started Weight Watchers again, this being the third time for me and the points system. Third time's a charm right?! It worked beautifully the first time around, 30lbs melted off in about 4 months (cue the above photo- me after my 30lbs weight loss and feeling healthy)- but I got lazy, went off of it and lived my life how I wanted, which in turn caused me to gain each and every pound back over a two year period. I didn't even notice it coming back on because it was so gradual. It took my clothes no longer fitting for me to realize what had happened.

So rewind to Jan of 2010. I started Weight Watchers for the second time, with really high hopes, as the first time was just one success after another! How wrong I was this time! Did I happen to mention that I had turned 30 in those two years and my already horrible metabolism was even worse??? I was having weeks where my weight loss was a measly half a pound AND I was working harder this time around!! The first time with WW my weight loss all came from food- no exercise (cuz I'm lazy and I hate exercise!!). The second time around I added exercise in for good measure when I saw such disappointing numbers. That didn't change a thing, then I came down with pneumonia- finally a big weight loss- OH but did I mention it was because I was so sick that I lost my appetite and it took me one whole day to eat 2 slices of toast!! So yes, I lost 6lbs in one week but not the way I wanted and certainly not the way that would make it last. I was so screwed up from the pneumonia (probably scar tissue or possibly I'd developed temporary asthma, with did happen when I was in the throes of the pneumonia) that I had a hard time catching my breath for simple things and I was tired all the time- which meant absolutely not getting back on my exercise plan!! It took me a good 8 months before I started to feel even kind of normal!!

And now we fast forward to November 2010. I had gained back all but 1 lbs of the original weight loss from the beginning of that year. I was despairing and needing inspiration. Enter my old friend Carey. We were friends in elementary school but lost touch after. I never thought I'd see or speak to her again, but alas Facebook is a wondrous thing!! She has been on her own weight loss journey for about a year now and has been so successful!! She really is amazing! I saw what she was doing and the big light bulb went on! Aha- here's the inspiration I've needed, wanted and craved!!!!!!!! She made everything pop into place for me and I made that critical mind adjustment that we all need when committing ourselves to a new way of life!

So I stared Weight Watchers again for the third time (just before the holidays which is dumb BUT when you're feeling it you have to do it!!!). I haven't lost much, I'm pretty much having a repeat of the second time but this time I'm not letting it get to me. Sure it's disappointing when I look at the scale and it's barely budged BUT my clothes are fitting better and most importantly I FEEL better!! I workout 5-7 days a week depending on what my work schedule has been and I'm challenging myself to do harder and longer workouts than I've ever done. I'm sore, I'm getting sweaty and I think I need a new pair of Ascics shoes already!! This feels GREAT!! For the first time in my life I'm not dreading exercise cuz I love the way I feel when it's over!

I know now that I work best when I have a specific goal or challenge (and I don't mean a weight goal but a life goal, like a vacation I want to look good for etc....) . So here's the challenge I have set up for myself (well there's 2 acutally)

1. walk and jog a 10k fun run that's happening locally in May. I know I can easily walk it, that's not a question BUT I'd like to jog a good portion of it and that's going to be the challenge for me. I'm not a jogger or runner- but that's the goal I'm setting for myself and I know I can do it!!

2. the above mentioned friend Carey is going to be visiting from Nashville where she lives, in the summer. We both want to be at our goal weight (or as close as possible- which by the way is exactly the same number for both of us!!) by then so we can wear bikinis (or in my case at least not be embarrassed to be in a bathing suit)

These goals are keeping me on track!!! I'm so excited for what this year is going to bring in my personal growth! I'm ready to be fit and to be healthy and to love the way I look!! I've been there before and loved every minute of it. It's hard to imagine I let myself get back here, but it happened and I'm not letting myself dwell on that!

So here's to a brand new year- pressing that restart button and embracing my new future!!!!!


  1. oh cousin, i am definitely at the same place! two years ago i was so thin and then i let it all come back. i really hope to get back on track, too! :)

  2. we'll have to keep each other inspired! I've been doing the Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength beginners 25 min followed by Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred 20 mins. every night. I'm seeing a difference. He also has an hour workout on there too but it kicks butt!!! It's the kind of workout where you grunt involuntarily and stuff- it's not pretty!!
    Sarah and I are doing the 10k (6 mile) in May on the 7th if you want to come up and do it with us!!! It's a saturday. It's a charity walk/jog/run from Morro Rock to Cayucos Pier. It would be so much fun if you could do it too!!!