Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wedding Hair

the finished result!!!

This is Bianca! We love her!

The millions of foils in my hair!! This pic should be at the top...

It's that time! After a million foils it's time for wedding hair!!! My stylist extraordinaire, Jenn, had the unenviable job of making me lighter as well as the pressure of it being "wedding" hair. She's up for the job and I know the finished result will be glorious!!!! 
While I'm luxuriating under the dryer Daniel is home with his new love, Bianca, his brand new Bianchi road bike, that cost a pretty penny but soooo worth it, cuz it saves his sanity. 


  1. beeeeuuuuutttttiiiiifffffuuuuullll!

  2. thanks!!!! oh my goodness it's only 10 days away!!!!! i'm super excited!!!!!!!