Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wedding Hair

the finished result!!!

This is Bianca! We love her!

The millions of foils in my hair!! This pic should be at the top...

It's that time! After a million foils it's time for wedding hair!!! My stylist extraordinaire, Jenn, had the unenviable job of making me lighter as well as the pressure of it being "wedding" hair. She's up for the job and I know the finished result will be glorious!!!! 
While I'm luxuriating under the dryer Daniel is home with his new love, Bianca, his brand new Bianchi road bike, that cost a pretty penny but soooo worth it, cuz it saves his sanity. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

BEST Bridal Shower EVER!!!

Today was my fabulous bridal shower, which my dearest friends threw for me!!! It was exactly how I wanted it, casual, no games and no strippers hee hee!!! Oh, and nothing that required batteries!

The day started out great- the sun was shining, the heater was working, and I had plenty of time to get beautified. I opted for no breakfast, knowing that there was going to be tons of food and alot of it stuff that's bad for you so I figured if I skipped breakfast then I could have a cupcake AND cake!!

I arrived a bit late but that didn't matter because so did everyone else!! Once everyone arrived, it was wonderful to see some of my most favorite people in the world all in one room. We sorely missed Danielle (who had a good reason not to be there),  Julie (who was out of town), and Candice (who was also out of town). You were all there in spirit and I think we all ate enough food for you all too!! In fact there were so many leftovers that you'll be enjoying the food too!!!

We talked, took tons of pictures and ate, ate, ate!!! Maggie insisted that I have a giant pink champagne cake from the Madonna Inn, because every girl needs a giant pink cake at some point in life and  Jenn made me special cupcakes because she knew that I wanted them!!! I have such amazing friends and it was such an honor to have everyone come together for me!! I'm not used to being the reason people gather so I was a bit nervous to be the center of attention, but I'm so glad Maggie and Rudianne made me do it!! I know that all of my salon girls had a hand in this day and I'm so grateful!!!! I LOVE my co-workers!!!!!! I wanted to cry happy tears when I read all of the cards and just felt the love. It's not often that a girl gets to be surrounded by all of her friends and sees her support system right there in front of her cheering her on. 

I have to take this moment to publicly say thanks to all of my ladies for coming today- some of us have a long history and it was such a blessing to have you all there. Some of you travelled long distances, more than one of you took time from your family tragedies to celebrate with me, some were there in spite of recent illness and some were just there in our hearts. I love you all, and cherish each and every one of you! You have all been there for me at one time or another, celebrating and experiencing different stages of this journey I've been on- some have been there since DAY ONE (geez that was a LONG time ago) and some are more recent friends witnessing the "final" stages of this long journey to the altar. You are all important to me and I just want you and everyone else to know it!!!!!!

Thank you friends!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Co-workers are the BEST!!!!!!!

My co-workers happen to also be my friends and I'm super lucky!!! I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for!!!! Rudianne (who will never read this but still needs the credit) is throwing a co-worker/hairdresser (+my mom and best friend Megs & her momma Donna) bridal shower and I'm super excited!!! At first I didn't want one because I didn't want to be the center of attention but she talked me into it and I'm glad she did. I'm so looking forward to spending a non-work day with my gals, enjoying food and pressies. I was very specific that I didn't want anything crotchless or that required batteries cuz you know 1. my mom will be there and 2. that's just not my kinda thing. I know that if I got super sexy or trashy lingerie I'd end up laughing if I wore it. It's just not me and Daniel would agree. He prefers me in a tank and undies so fortunately I won't be needing to get gussied up in lace, mesh or a g-string (thank god!!!! my bum is not meant to have dental floss anywhere near it!)
Anyway I'm really looking forward to it. I'll get some photos posted from it once it happens so I can share the good times!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Taking a cue from Amy

Okay so I just read Amy's blog and was inspired to mention my favorite TV show. I just started watching it by downloading the first season on iTunes. I LOVE, Pushing Daisies!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's as if this show was made for me in mind. It has everything I love!! An incredibly handsome leading man that's slightly awkward, the beautiful but you don't hate her leading lady that the leading man is endearingly in love with, the Tim Burton-esque sets and storylines, a little macabre but silly and whimsical. I LOVE IT!!!! Oh and did I mention the increasingly frustrating fact that the the leading lady and man can't touch EVER or she'll die? So tragic and I love it.

Lovin' the house.....

*(note on photo above: the striped chair is not staying so ignore it and the fact that it clashes horribly with my other things! )
I love, love my little house!!! I never thought I'd enjoy living alone but I'm loving it! I thought I'd be jittery and jump at every noise but I'm surprisingly calm about everything and just blissfully happy. Daniel's a bit worried that I've already gotten used to "spinsterhood" as he calls it but I'll be just as blissfully happy- in fact more so- when he moves in and completes my life. 
Daniel will be here in just under 2 weeks and I'm OVER THE MOON about it!!!!!!!! I'm so excited that I keep forgetting that we're not done with the immigration process and still have a lot of crap to get through before it is a sealed done deal. But I'm choosing to ignore all of this so I can fully enjoy this moment in my life where everything I've been wanting and dreaming about for the last 8 years is finally happening!!!
On another note, I've been getting emails from my future father-in-law and they are just too witty! Daniel and his father are more alike than I think I knew. Daniel has always said they have the same sense of humor and silliness gene and he's right. His dad is charming in that totally English eccentric way. I think Daniel lives a bit in fear that I'll love his dad, because their family has a lot of issues that are years old and they haven't worked them all out. I became great friends with his mother much to his horror. I eventually understood why he didn't want us to be friends, which we no longer are (a very long story which I think Daniel would like me to keep to myself for the time being). My loyalties will always be with Daniel and he knows that but I can't help but like his dad. I'll find out for sure how I feel because after 8 years of being with Daniel I'll finally be meeting his dad (and stepmom). And to make it even crazier they are staying with my parents for a week before the wedding!! At least if things aren't totally rosey my in-laws live 6000 miles away, but I know I'll be charmed with "Dad 2" as he refers to himself.