Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Planning a tiny wedding...how can that be sooooo stressful?!?!

Daniel and I are getting married in November in a teeny tiny ceremony (only our parents) up North, so you'd think it being so small would make for easy planning but you'd be wrong! I think any wedding no matter how small, unless you just go to the courthouse in jeans is stressful! I've been in contact with the chapel wedding coordinator a millions time and still feel like I don't know anything or what to expect. I've been in touch with Pastor Norm- who seems like a dear man that I'm looking forward to meeting- but again I still feel none the wiser. We are meeting with him the day before the wedding so I'll feel better then but being a control freak I hate leaving so many things up in the air- especially my wedding!!!!! I really should be concentrating on finding the restaurant for the wedding dinner but I just can't be bothered right now. I'm kinda wedding-ed out right now. I've made all of the reservations, booked hotels, fixed reservations and gone back and forth over having a professional photographer or not and I'm just kinda done right now!
Plus there is the added stress of Daniel's father and step-mom coming from the UK the week before the wedding and I have no idea what to do with then while they're here. I'm working like crazy up til the day before the wedding so I can't really do anything for them, can't drive them around and I'm stressing about whether I'm expected to make dinner for them or not. Did I mention they're staying at my parents house??? AND, no one has met before- including me!!!! I'm more stressed about this than the actual wedding. I'll be so grateful when it's all over!!!! I hope I remember to enjoy it while it's happening- cuz Daniel and I are only doing this once!


  1. oh leah! how could I be missing out on this rite now? I wish I could hear about it every day at work! I'm glad to see you have a blog. I say pay for the photographer ... it's the only thing i can look back on and I love mine. Other then that try and enjoy yourself!

  2. i know!!! I wish you were here too!!!! cuz let me tell you, I am kinda all consumed with it right now so you'd certainly hear all about it!!!
    Keep your eyes peeled in the mail cuz you'll be getting an annoucement. :)

  3. I got the new address card! I updeated my address book:)